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They are… most of them were born into family of “managers”. If you remove people who actually founded brand new companies (not financed them… but actually founded), than most of “C” level managers are just got on the “money train” because of been born into “right” family. Going through “business school” is just a way to extend they Rolodex of the “useful contacts”… to ensure that they stay employed till time to retire (at 40) and that they can pass this Rolodex to they kids.


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2 dogs, both “air tagged”… never had any issues. The only notifications I get is when I leave dogs in a car while doing some shopping (when I leave my dogs in the car, my wife stays with them and car is always “climate controlled”)… and that notifications correctly remind me that I left my two dogs behind.


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At the very least this is the small part of the problem… record profits posted by every single fossil fuel related company is much bigger issue. Russian war is just a convenient excuse.


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To be fair… I do have very little patience with religion(s) in general and institution of “church” in particular. And you probably can find dozen comments from me on the subject (though considering how old my Reddit account is… it most likely will be less than 1 comment per year :) )


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The same reason why some choose to beleive into 2000 years old fairy tales… makes life easier.

Not better… not more fulfilling… average person perfectly happy if tomorrow is as today… as a matter of fact, they will stay “happy” even if tomorrow slightly worse than today… especially if you can point to other people and “explain” that they are the reason.


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Because Tesla was selling cars which look pretty much the same for more than a decade.

Also, if you look for non-us sources on YouTube, modern Bolt has very good reviews. Considering all “publicity” Tesla (Elon) had over last 12 month, and considering huge number of new EV coming to US market (including quite a few in under $30K segment) … you probably still will see a lot of Teslas… because they all look the same and all other EV will look different from each other.


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Creativity is ability to make lucky mistakes by not following rules. At this point AI trying to achieve exactly opposite. No mistakes while acting “by the book”.

I have read sci-fi short novel once (don’t remember the author) where main idea was that particular robot was known to create amazing fireworks… until one of the guests (robotic engineer) noticed that this robot had some slight bug in his behavior and than out of goodness of his heart fixed it. The lady who employed the creative robot end up shooting that engineer guest once it become apparent that “fixed” version of the robot lost all creative abilities.