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Which is funny since the kids have zero say or work in the equation of actually opening and running the school for the day. They aren't driving the busses in snow, they aren't clearing the roads, they aren't making sure enough employees show up to serve a hot lunch or stock and clean bathrooms. It's always the adults who claim to be tough that blame kids for their own issues. KiDs WaNt TrOpHiEs FoR pArTiCiPaTiNg!! Uh, no, Jim Bob wanted an excuse to write off on his taxes a donation from his local business so he gave a "donation" in his business's name to buy them so his son and all his son's friends would get trophies sitting in their homes with the rights to have his business's name on the plaque twice as big as the team's name.


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I remember never having space in my cubby at school because you had to bundle up for the winter in the morning but it was always warm in the afternoon and I never wanted to wear any of it back home. By the end of the week, every sweater and coat I had was at school.