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Considering I own one yeah. I also don't live in Cali anymore. You know you point isn't mute or anything but you could phrase it better to come off a little less condescending. Don't phrase your points in a question you are then gonna answer with no input back.


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Maybe, nothing really ever happens quickly and this sounds like a step to actually getting stuff rolling. If nothing happens they may look to subsidies for builders or not. Could all be a pipe dream.


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Yeah the prices are so high because there is not enough supply. People bitch about the price of housing there. The people who all own don't want more houses though because it will tank the price of their own. Vicious cycle. Still change moves in small steps and hopefully this is the beginning. Dead right on there needing to be a lot of new houses built to have any real affect on price.


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> For the first time, a housing project of any height, any density, with any lot coverage and any or no parking, can be constructed in the vast majority of the Bay Area. As long as developments are 20% low-income or 100% middle-income and are environmentally sound, they can be certified by local planning departments with a swift, administrative approval.

That does sound like decent news?? Wonder what qualifies as low income in Cali though.