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A comment in that thread sums it up nicely.

>All it took was 8 months, a lawyer, local media, and public shaming.

I just feel bad for the family at this point. Shitty situation for them, no matter how you look at it.


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This subreddit and the Welcome to Springfield Facebook group have been too busy eating this dude's ass to see the questionable marketing moves he's been making. A lot of companies do great things for employees, but having to put all that shit on social media wreaks so much of wanting attention. Maybe he paid for an employee's car, but it's really just an inexpensive advertisement. Same with cross-promotion of other businesses. People keep falling for this shit, because "he's a good guy."

Well, look at him now. Not surprised at this latest development at all.


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Reply to comment by the_honeyman in Your move, Whataburger. by DKBMusic

The proof is in the OP pic. He uses the unrelated Whataburger thing to promote his shit. Same with Alton Brown and Hong Kong Inn. Can't just let those things exist without using it to his advantage to get the attention he craves.

Him and Missouri Mike troll those Springfield-centric Facebook groups to get free ads, and it works again and again and again.

It's cool you guys like the food and all, but you're sucking the big old dick of capitalism and don't even care.


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Feels like the tats should be free or drastically reduced in price since this is essentially marketing. Some of the designs are cool, but it's a hard pass based on that.

From the article: "Designs range from $80-250, depending on their size, which are between 2-7 inches."