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Since I heard Rice a Roni, I'll tell y'all a secret. Get a rotisserie chicken, pick all the meat off, and toss it in the pan when you put the water in. Easy peasy chicken and rice! Some stores even have just the chicken, already picked off. Even easier!


auntiemaury t1_j51m6uf wrote

Not for a few months. I do Uber, and I'd rather do Bridgeport than Fairfield or Greenwich any day. I had one dude from East Haven to Greenwich, got to the destination, and I swear to god this dude pissed in a bottle in my car! And then wouldn't get out! I had to be polite because he's holding a bottle of piss and I'm terrified of what he'll do with it. He finally got out and now he's banned from Uber (but I'm sure he'll just make another account)