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Does there need to be a reason for our country to align with todays times? We are in 2023 and we are still working with “employment at will”? We are making young people take 100s of 1000s in student loans and then we don’t even mandate basic work benefits.

I came to the US from Europe and they talked about “benefits” and I thought wow they offer more than what I was getting in Europe! Little did I know that I had to even negotiate my vacations! I had to be happy that they offered sick days, disability or covered part of my health insurance! A restaurant worker in Europe gets all that without even asking. They are mandated by each country and the EU.

We keep talking about equality but we don’t have paid maternity leave??? How can you explain that to a European? I work in Switzerland now and talk to many Europeans. Every time someone has a kid and is out on maternity/paternity I am the running joke. They keep referring to me and laughing that I got 0 days and had to work and get on calls from the hospital the next day my wife gave birth!

I now have a contract and 4 months notice. 5 weeks vacations, unlimited sick days and there’s a law against working Saturdays after 6pm, Sundays and National holidays. Also I have to take by law 2 weeks vacations in a row. Overtime is paid and we are encouraged to take time off if we have any overtime. There’s a system where we have to log the hours we work each day.


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This is a prime opportunity to review all Europeans countries and implement the best employee protection laws from each in the US.

The companies shouldn’t be free to decide what to do. We live in 2022 not 1960. Copy all laws from countries like France or Norway. Have mandatory 4-6 month notice from both employers and employees.

Mandatory severance…mandatory unions on over 50emps. Mandatory explanation why you fired and proof you tested the employee in at least 2 other positions. Force everyone to have unemployment insurance close to 70% of salary for 2 years.

Companies who fire and hire at will need to stop. Also laws need to be enacted for 6 months paid paternity. Vacation time like EU starting with 4 weeks and increasing every 5-10 years of work. Unlimited sick pay, disability, etc.

We supposedly are the most advanced economy with a huge GDP and still treat employees like garbage.


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I’d say it again…the US needs high speed luxury train and many tracks. I am American in Switzerland now since August…most stuff are moved through tracks thus limiting the use of trucks. The trains are super fast and run all the time. The most delay was like 3 minutes. The buses connecting homes to trains are brand new. In every station they now have cars you can rent via an app if you need it but you can also take the tram. I really can’t be bothered to buy a car here.


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It will be great for us who report everything and pay taxes. I hate how many get away with paying cash with undeclared funds!!! I hardly ever see any dollar notes anyway. All I see is a + in my account and then a bunch of - from my wife and that’s it back to 0 😂

Hopefully I automatically save money and another account has a +. I might go to the ATM once a month to pay my barber 💈