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It’s funny because when I wrote it I thought short and sweet would do it more justice for how the narration of it was going to go.

Tbh I didn’t know all the way that it was going to tie in properly but it did towards the end.

But all’s well that ends well I guess #thanks4reading


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{p o em )


Sword to neck, face bloodied, like what in the fawk.

This time last year he was a goddamn champion

Now look at this bum.

I mean I kept tabs,

(Mainly at bars)

But last time I peeked in on this guy

He was ragdolling people

Claiming conqueror and all that

He couldn’t see me,

I wouldn’t allow myself to be visible

Until just the right moment.

The monarch or the knight whoever it was

Was yelling in his mother tongue

Something about something about an affair

I laughed couldn’t help it

This guy would summon me when his tool

Couldn’t stay in the shed

I had to wait a little while longer

The power of the transfer would only work

When ironically he was inches away spiritually from death

One second left....

And Bang!

I transferred him to three weeks ago.

To the exact time when he was about to commit the treason

Hopefully he makes the right choice.

And Off to another bar I go....


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{p o e m}

‘Know what’s crazy I met him.’

‘Did you really? What he say?’

‘Don’t come back’

‘ hellava life huh...’

You look like a crystal all the lights, ultralight beaming off you.

‘Madness man. Madness,’

‘How so’

‘Like they really lied to be honest. He was cool as fawk, but without really saying anything.’

‘Yeah it’s different down there like he knows what it’s like to be really down....’

So you and me keep walking this city and it’s nice it’s beautiful but it’s still not what you thought. Kindve a let down.

‘What did you expect to be like some angel or something?’

‘Nah just like I don’t know like some big, judgement thing or whatever you know like the books, like the movies.’

‘When you were down there. Was it ever real... the movies and the books. Weren’t they just figments of some person’s imagination?’

‘Yeah but it was like convincing like really convincing. Thought it’d be hot shit to make it up here.’

‘We’re not up. We’re just.... here. Like you get to not live but just be. You’d think after what went on down there you’d be.... happy’

‘Yeah I guess, ain’t that some shit.’