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> The last time Wall Street Journal staff heard from Evan Gershkovich was Wednesday, just before 4 p.m., when he had arrived at a steakhouse in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.

> At 10:35 a.m. Thursday morning Moscow time, an item from Russia's state news agency said Mr. Gershkovich had been detained and accused of espionage by the Federal Security Bureau, the successor to the KGB. It was the first time Russia had brought a spy case against an overseas reporter since the Cold War.

> Mr. Gershkovich's jailing challenges the bedrock notion that American reporters, authors, and researchers could work in Russia to learn about the vast and complicated country and its escalating conflict with the West.

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> The case has drawn wide criticism from rights groups, and exposed divisions in the majority Shiite community in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

> The group has said that it does not question the Quran or Prophet Muhammad's teaching but debates the opinions of religious scholars and modern-day clerics.

> Last month, rights group Human Rights Watch called on Bahraini authorities to "Immediately drop all charges against the men and halt inflammatory public comments condemning the society on religious grounds."

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> The original message said: "The limit for the number of items, whether trashed or not, created by this account has been exceeded." And sometime in March, it was updated to say, "Error 403: This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the trash and delete them forever." Since there is nothing anywhere that informs users Google Drive has a file limit, users originally thought this was a bug and asked Google to quickly fix it.

> Some users say they have gotten Google Support to privately confirm the limit is intended, and a pop-up message is starting to show up in the Drive UI for some users.

> Google is selling this storage to users, via both the Google Workspace business accounts and the consumer-grade Google One storage plans.

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> WASHINGTON -The United States has decided to extend the deployment of the George H.W. Bush carrier strike group to provide options to policymakers after last week's deadly attacks in Syria by Iran-backed forces, U.S. military officials said on Friday.

> News of the deployment came a day after the Pentagon doubled its tally of the number of American troops wounded in last week's attacks in Syria to 12, following the diagnosis of six U.S. military personnel with traumatic brain injuries.

> The Pentagon has estimated eight militants were killed during retaliatory U.S. air strikes against two Iran-linked facilities in Syria during the tit-for-tat exchanges triggered by the first March 23 attack against a U.S. base near the Syrian city of Hasaka.

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> ATHENS - Beaten back by Azerbaijan in a 2020 conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding territories, Armenia has signed a military cooperation agreement with Greece.

> A component will be cooperation between the intelligence communities of the two countries with Greece, before a current break in tensions, was at times near a conflict point with Turkey, which supplied Azerbaijan with drones that proved decisive against Armenia in battle.

> A similar document, the Tripartite Defence Cooperation Program for 2022-2023 was signed between Cyprus, Greece, and Armenia on Aug. 31, 2021, the report noted.

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> Kyiv says more than 16,000 Ukrainian children had been deported to Russia as of last month, and the International Criminal Court has announced an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on the war crime accusation of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children.

> "More than 90% of Ukrainian prisoners of war that my office interviewed said that they were tortured or ill-treated, notably in penitentiary facilities, including through so-called - it is an awful phrase - 'welcoming beatings' on their arrival, as well as frequent acts of torture throughout detention."

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> LONDON - Russian and Belarusian players will be able to compete at Wimbledon as neutral athletes after the All England Club on Friday reversed its ban from last year.

> The same conditions will apply for Lawn Tennis Association tournaments used by players as grass-court warmups for the sport's oldest Grand Slam tournament.

> "There was a strong and very disappointing reaction from some governing bodies in tennis to the position taken by the All England Club and the LTA last year with consequences which, if continued, would be damaging to the interests of players, fans, The Championships and British tennis," the club said.

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> The Russian government's Rosselkhoznadzor agriculture watchdog first warned of such a measure on Tuesday, saying that Armenian dairy companies use Iranian milk and other raw materials banned in Russia.

> Rosselkhoznadzor reported on Friday its ensuing negotiations with Armenia's Food Safety Inspectorate yielded "Unsatisfactory results." It said it has therefore asked the Armenian state veterinary service to suspend from April 5 mandatory safety certifications of all dairy products exported to Russia.

> Armenian exports to Russia nearly tripled to $2.4 billion last year as a consequence of Western economic sanctions against Moscow.

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> Communities in the Intag Valley of Ecuador have won a significant legal victory after a court ruled to halt copper mining in one of the world's most biodiverse forests.

> Two notable cases in Ecuador have successfully invoked the rights of nature in years past, showing that they can be used as a legal tool to protect the environment and the rights of communities.

> In September 2020, the Intag communities won one of the few cases upholding the rights of nature in the lower court.

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> The first person to be diagnosed with a fungal disease that typically affects plants is a plant mycologist in Kolkata.

> "He had no history of diabetes, HIV infection, renal disease, any chronic disease, immunosuppressive drug intake, or trauma. The patient, a plant mycologist by profession, had been working with decaying material, mushrooms, and various plant fungi for a long time as part of his research activities."

> The researchers, Dr. Soma Dutta and Dr. Ujjwayini Ray of the Consultant Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals, Kolkata, further explained in the report that "Chondrostereum purpureum is a plant fungus that causes silver leaf disease in plants, particularly those in the rose family. This is the first instance of a plant fungus causing disease in a human. Conventional techniques failed to identify the fungus."

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> China's Shenzhou-15 mission crew conducted the third extravehicular activity on Thursday and returned back to the China Space Station, according to China Manned Space Agency on Friday.

> China has completed ten EVAs in the last four manned missions since the Shenzhou-12 mission in 2021, when construction of the space station began.

> Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft has been transported to the launch pad at the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in south China's Hainan Province.

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> New Delhi [India], March 31: Russia's biggest oil producer Rosneft Oil Company has signed a term agreement with Indian Oil Company, India's top oil company, to increase oil supplies and diversify India's oil grades substantially.

> "The parties also discussed ways of expanding integrated cooperation between Rosneft Oil Company and Indian companies in the entire value chain of the energy sector, including possibilities of making payments in national currencies," said the Russian company in a statement.

> This company is located in Krasnoyarsk Territory and develops the Vankorskoye oil and gas condensate field, one of the biggest fields discovered and brought on stream over the last 25 years in Russia.

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> "The number of countries supporting peace instead of war has not increased at all," the Prime Minister said.

> According to the Prime Minister, the other EU countries are constantly using blackmail to try and drag Hungary into war, but today the Hungarian Parliament is protesting against this by voting in favour of the pro-peace proposal and is taking a stand for peace.

> The very purpose of the European Union has been called into question, having abandoned the two goals for which it was created: peace and prosperity, he concluded.

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> ROME - Pope Francis is expected to be discharged on Saturday from the Rome hospital where he is being treated for bronchitis as his recovery proceeds in a "Normal" way, even had pizza for dinner and will be in St. Peter's Square for Palm Sunday Mass, the Vatican said.

> "Yesterday went well, with a normal clinical recovery,″ Bruni said."In the evening, Pope Francis had dinner, eating a pizza, together with all those who are assisting him in these days of the hospital stay," the spokesman said, including doctors, nurses, assistants and Vatican security personnel.

> The spokesman later added that, given the pope would return to the Vatican on Saturday, Francis was expected to be present in the square for Palm Sunday Mass. He didn't indicate whether Francis would deliver a homily during the ceremony, a particularly long service, or if someone else might read it for him.

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> Several Palestinian football players and fans suffered from choking and breathlessness after Israeli forces fired tear gas during a cup final match in occupied East Jerusalem, the Palestinian Football Association said.

> On Thursday evening, Israeli forces fired tear gas inside Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium in Dahiat al-Barid street in al-Ram, a town in East Jerusalem.

> Turkey's General Consul to Palestine Ahmet Riza Demirer, and Jibril al-Rajoub, the president of the PFA, were attending the final of the Abu Ammar Cup on Thursday evening when Israeli forces disrupted the competition.

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> An Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer was killed in an alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus shortly after midnight Friday, according to the semi-official Tsnim news agency.

> The pair of attacks followed two attacks in recent weeks targeting Aleppo International Airport, also attributed to Israel.

> In January, the Syrian army said Israel's military fired missiles toward the Damascus International Airport, putting it out of service temporarily and killing two soldiers.

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> The UK has signed a deal to join a trade pact with 11 Asia and Pacific nations, three years after it officially left the European Union.

> The government said the agreement was the UK's "Biggest trade deal since Brexit".

> The UK already has free trade deals with all of the members except Brunei and Malaysia, some of which were rolled over from its previous membership of the EU. And even with some gains in trading the government only estimates it will add 0.08% to the size of the economy in 10 years.

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> The eurozone's annual inflation rate fell sharply in March as plunging energy prices eased pressure on the cost of living across the 20 countries that use the single currency.

> As a result, annual energy inflation dropped from 13.7% to -0.9%. In contrast to falling gas prices, the cost of food continued to rise for eurozone consumers.

> Inflation data for the UK for March has not yet been published but figures for February showed headline inflation rising from 10.1% to 10.4%, while core inflation rose from 5.8% to 6.2%. Diego Iscaro, the head of European economics at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said: "We estimate that core inflation is close to its peak, and the pressure from food prices is also likely to ease during the second quarter.

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> The European parliament has condemned Italy's conservative government after it demanded that a council stop registering the children of same-sex parents, in its first move to restrict LGBTQ+ rights since taking power.

> In an amendment to a 2022 report put forward by Renew Europe, a liberal and centrist group, the MEPs urged Italy to "Immediately rescind its decision", arguing that the move "Will inevitably lead to discrimination against not only same-sex couples but also primarily their children" and that it was "a direct breach of children's rights" under a UN convention.

> Milan was forced to stop registering the children of gay parents after the interior ministry said it was up to the courts to rule on such a decision.

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> Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is going to try to convince Chinese leader Xi Jinping to support Ukraine during his visit to Beijing.

> According to El Pais, Sánchez arrived in China on March 31 and considers his visit an opportunity to convince China to take a more pro-European side, particularly on the issue of Russia's war against Ukraine.

> "There is a lot of expectation, we believe that this appointment with Xi is very important," the prime minister said on the plane on his way to China.

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> Meadows across 100 historic sites in England, from the panoramic ruins of Scarborough Castle to the chalk down landscape of Stonehenge, are to be created or enhanced in a 10-year project celebrating the king's coronation.

> English Heritage on Friday announced its ambition to return landscapes at 100 of its sites to how they once would have looked.

> Kate Mavor, English Heritage's chief executive, said the king's coronation in May was a significant moment in history and they wanted to mark it in a meaningful way to mark King Charles' passions - nature and heritage.

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> PRETORIA, South Africa - The parents of Reeva Steenkamp, the woman Oscar Pistorius shot dead 10 years ago, still don't believe his account of their daughter's killing and will oppose the former Olympic runner's application for parole, their lawyer said Friday.

> Pistorius' parole lawyer, Julian Knight, has previously said Pistorius has been a "Model prisoner." He didn't respond to messages seeking comment ahead of the parole hearing.

> A number of options are available to the parole board: Pistorius could be released on full parole or placed on day parole, where he would be allowed to live and work in the community during the day but have to return to prison at night.

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> Japanese LGBTQ activists and supporters on Thursday held an inaugural Pride 7 Summit in Tokyo, where they called on Group of Seven governments to promote and strengthen support and legal protections for LGBTQ people and urged Japan's government to enact an anti-discrimination law before it hosts this year's G-7 summit in May. Japan is the only G-7 country that does not recognize same-sex marriage or provide other equal rights protections for LGBTQ people.

> Participants at the Pride 7 Summit called on the G-7 to protect the rights of LGBTQ people and prohibit discrimination throughout society.

> LGBTQ activists and their supporters have increased their efforts to achieve an anti-discrimination law following discriminatory remarks in February by a former Kishida aide, who said he wouldn't want to live next to LGBTQ people and that citizens would flee Japan if same-sex marriage were allowed.

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> The trial of the former Kosovo leader Hashim Thaçi and three others on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity highlights the ongoing need for justice 24 years after the Kosovo war, Human Rights Watch said today.

> Thaçi, Kosovo's former president and prime minister, is charged along with three other senior members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, all senior politicians in Kosovo, for crimes during and just after the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict, including in northern Albania.

> Only a small number of Serbian military and political leaders have faced trial for war crimes in the Kosovo conflict, including former Serbian and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

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> Abusive conditions are endemic in parts of Spain's fruit sector, a new report alleges, with workers telling the Guardian they have been regularly underpaid and forced to live in dilapidated shacks.

> The result is that the women were highly vulnerable to exploitation and less likely to report abusive situations, said Silvina Gorsky, a sociologist who works with a group of lawyers in Andalusia that provides legal assistance to workers.

> While there were companies in Huelva's strawberry fields that paid their workers fairly, these companies were a minority, said José Antonio Brazo, of Soc-Sat, a local farmworkers' union that fielded more than 1,000 complaints in Huelva related to exploitation and working conditions in 2019.

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