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I lived in Portsmouth as a first year grad 10-12 years ago making slightly more than that. Is it possible? Yes. But you’re week to week. And actually that was back when you could get an apartment down by water country for like 1300 a month. Doubt you can find the same apartment for under 2000 now.

Actually I just checked - I lived in beechstone from 2010 to 2013 and paid $1350 a month for rent. That was tight on $43k with no student debt / insurance. Now it seems like the low end is $2300. Seems impossible


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you opine on every topic about education and teachers with these condescending opinions like

>That's not what teachers are for.

when you're clearly - at best - a contrarian.

I'm not trying to burn and this isn't about intelligence. This whole subreddit would benefit from not having a bunch of contrarians trolls and edgelords that it gets on some of these topics.


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It’s the best series in history for a lot of us. Stick with it. Warning, the show does slow down at points after some plot points. But the stretch from when Anthony Anderson comes on til the end of the show is my pick for best stretch in tv history


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A mostly unrelated story. I teach at a high school in nh. Either the fall before the pandemic or the year before that I heard a bunch of noise coming from the boys bathroom, and couldn’t figure out why anyone else was dealing with it.

So I walk in there wondering what the hell, and there’s a bunch of freshman and sophomore boys in there. Like 10-15. I’m pretty easy going and mostly just want things to not cause a scene.

I see a couple kids sitting in the sinks eating their lunch. And I let them know that whatever they think the sink can hold is probably less than they realize and it’s about to break. Then I realize there are 3-4 boys crowded down by the urinals - eating maybe a foot or so from them.

Then 3-4 kids come out of the stall (just one). Their reaction is it’s not what it looks like. I’m not sure what they think I was thinking - I’m sure they were vaping or something, but these boys were eating their lunches right by the toilet. Take a two urinal one stall two sink bathroom, and imagine 15 kids eating in there. And these were kids that were probably more on the giving rather than receiving end on the bullying.

Kids are weird as fuck


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But he's not against any competition so how well he does is really pretty worthless. Who cares if he can edge out the Colin Van Osterns and beat up the Dan Feltes of the world. This guy barely beat Edelblut.

Whether he has a path in a crowded primary or a general is dramatically different than whether he can win, as an incumbent in a political dynasty, against the drek the NH dems are throwing.

I'd love to lay some odds on Sununu's 2024 polling. Looks like most sites have Trump and Desantis taking about 80% right now.

Sununu's path is hoping that at least 1 of them doesn't run. Unless that happens, he has about as much a chance as being the gop candidate as I do. I mean he doesn't even have money in the area code of these two, and we're just assuming that NH still has the first primary. If it gets flexed into 3rd/4th, then his chances go from like 2% to 0%.