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I’m simply offering an explanation of the reality. No arguing here, not worth it and doesn’t do shit. However, not a single person there is trying to harm people, everyone wants betterment of society for people and there are just different approaches to that. If you really feel some type of way then run, win, and be the difference you want to see there.


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Literally every bill introduced is “much needed” to someone. There were over 1000 bills introduced in JUST the House this session. It’s impossible to get through them all in the 8 weeks before chamber of origin cutoff, and at the end of the day the majority party (and the speaker herself) decide what bills get through Rules and out to the floor. Even on the historic resurrection of the police pursuits bill in the Senate this week could only happen with the majority caucus being on board.


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I honestly do not know enough about this particular plot to start making huge judgements. However I do know the article says none of the "old growth" trees predated 1900, and that in instances where they do find old growth those trees are restricted from harvest. This is also on the Lewis/Pacific county line, not exactly the Hoh rainforest.


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I know people are mad but this is literally part of DNRs job scope, auction off mature timber. The problem comes in when the replanting of those trees does not happen or they are not cared for well enough for them to survive. Thats what needs to be addressed. The unfortunate reality is we need timber to build and we have a homelessness problem thats created a need for affordable housing, we cant do it without the wood.


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I really love my osprey ozone backpack. It has two side pockets that can each accommodate a 40oz hydroflask. The only drawback is it is 28l and that’s gets full quick. But I can fit my med kit and large lunchbox into the main pocket. If you need something bigger than that I really loved my Oakley Kitchen Sink for 8 years it carried everything I would need in a day and it still looks really good. I believe it’s a 36l or 38l.


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Tonight? No you shouldn’t be going over a pass you’ve never driven in the winter before at night. Tomorrow? Potentially. If you’re careful you should be fine with AWD going over snoqualmie. First plows come through about 8am (from the west side at least) I would try to be going over about 9 am. NOAA says it should be snowing tomorrow morning but total accumulations are 2 in every 6 hours so it won’t be snowing hard. People will definitely be going over both ways and there should be a very obvious lane our two that’s almost if not totally plowed


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Not only do you need a medical card you have to get the number of plants “recommended” to you and there’s a max of 15. It was one of those things that advocates claimed we could just change in the future and getting any kind of Cannabis legalization was better than everything we wanted. And here we are a decade post legalization and have had very little movement on that.