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This. Is. Fucked. You cannot as a firearm owner be throwing rounds around at a popular recreational area, at one of the most popular times of the year. Thats before we get to the fact it was at night. It gives every legal firearm owner a bad name, and he couldn't even legally buy it at 20. I dont know that Ive ever seen such an atrocious investigation. At this point, a third party investigation needs to be happening lead by a different sheriffs department (rooting for King County on that one). The Lewis County Sheriffs Office needs to be held accountable for their mishandling of the case, and those members to be reprimanded.


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Most areas within quite a few miles of a military base are contaminated, as well as anywhere with a fire department that used them. They had a well pop in Issaquah a few years back, *determined to be from Eastside Fire. I know there’s multiple wells in Tacoma thatve popped for it as well. Not to be so pessimistic but they’re called forever chemicals for a reason, unless you’ve discovered some way to clean them up they’re here to stay.


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Honestly your best bet is get a bigger air purifier with 2 filters and get on a prescription allergy med like Azlestine. I’m running a germ guardian with a UV filter, and a Coway tower that will vary speed depending on air quality that seem to help quite a bit with my asthma.