avoidance_behavior t1_jc8yv4i wrote

not geese, but related: probably fifteen years ago I lived in the guesthouse at my parents' place bc they charged minimal rent for my own separate spot, and the door was a sliding glass situation. one afternoon a mourning dove flew into the glass, which is unfortunately not uncommon when the sun is at the right angle and they can't tell it's not a way through. the poor thing hit the door so hard that it died very shortly after impact; I barely had time to get up from my seat and go see what the commotion was when it slumped and died right on my welcome mat. before I could figure what to do, its mate flew down next to it and laid its head down on the deceased bird and I swear on all that you may or may not believe is holy, it died right there after a few moments of laying still. the other bird didn't hit the glass at all but the only thing I can think happened is that it just gave up knowing its mate was gone. to this day it's one of the saddest but fucked-uppedly sweetest things I've ever seen. I actually cried.