awidden t1_jbd6cdd wrote

So we tend to think less of misspelled words in brand names. I'm not surprised.

We think less of people who can't spell correctly, and don't recognise the difference between "its" and "it's", etc.

Or if they use a weird slang.

At least after the first 20-some years of our life most of us do. :)

I think it should have been obvious to the brands a long time ago. But then these things are created by people who work in marketing, and those aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed.


awidden t1_j65n96e wrote

It specifies the core info; names, birth dates & corresponding addresses.

But they seem to hint that more was there ("registration data"), not sure why not tell us what.

And also where the fucker got the data from, as that could point to what other datapoints might be in it, and if it's really 9 million people, or a bunch of fake registrations.

...And whom not to trust with your data.


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Can I just draw attention for a second to Clean Energy Council's members:

Check the corporate members.

Is it maybe remotely possible that a lot of these companies - maybe even the majority, not sure - aren't working for a clean energy future and trying to discredit clean energy sources?

Maybe this slavery problem isn't quite with the clean energy sector, but something a lot LOT bigger?