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I think I've been on that ledge with the gate. I didn't remember it having its flat top that low but it was 2 years ago. They allow drones in the state parks, but only in winter, and they want to shake you down for $10 for a day's license. I doubt anyone really gets caught for not paying.


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Hydrogen is a "gray" energy source; even if it's currently generated by black energy, it's compatible with green energy and there are no technical barriers to producing it that way. Natural gas OTOH is just incompatible with any imaginable scenario where we don't go extinct.


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Mars lost water when UV broke apart water molecules in the upper atmosphere. The lighter hydrogen atoms move faster and can possibly exceed escape velocity on Mars. The heavier oxygen atoms will take a suborbital path and return to the surface, which has an abundance of oxygen and very little hydrogen, although what little hydrogen there is should be enriched in deuterium, which is more likely to fall back down.


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Making biofuel out of palm oil causes more environmental destruction than petroleum. They literally burn down disappearing rain forests to grow one crop of trees, and then the land is dead and useless (unless you want the torrent of CO2 and methane it releases afterward) so they torch up more each year. Indonesian rainforests are almost completely wiped out and the palm oil industry is not slowing down one bit.