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Lmao I also can’t stand multiple colored lights in a shared space if they’re for the same purpose. We have accent lighting that can be 4000k but all our general ceiling+ lamp lighting is 5000k. We also have task lighting that supplements the general purpose ceiling lights (under cabinet light bars), but we also prefer those set to 5000k, although I have turned them down to 3000k - 4000k before, like when it’s late and I don’t want everything on or we’re watching a movie and want minima background lighting.


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I’m in subtropical, so warm and wet. My parents have mostly yellow lighting most of my life. I didn’t really have a strong opinion until I bought a home and had painted 3 walls before I stepped back and realized I hated how the paint looked on the walls. The minute I changed out the light bulbs from the 3000k to 5000k, suddenly the light gray/white paint looked more gray/white and less magenta (apparently had 1/64th magenta in the formula and I could see it with the warmer lighting).

I prefer higher K due to the very real effect it has on cooler colors and style of my home. Also much easier for me to actually see.