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I'm with you on that. I can get behind

  • Miele ovens

  • Miele hobs

  • Miele tumble dryers

  • Mile washing machines

  • Miele dishwashers

I can't however get behind :

  • Miele coffee machines

  • Miele microwaves

  • Miele fridge freezers

  • Miele vacuum cleaners

Largely for the same reasons you've stated as well as the fact that the vacuum cleaners apparently don't have amazing build quality . That, and when it comes to refrigeration, Haier do make some quality stuff. The French door that you're describing is what we'd call "American fridge freezers" here

Also even though I say I can get behind a Miele dishwasher, I could only get behind it, if I was using a dishwasher daily, which I'm not. The solar save function isn't enough to tempt me given my Beko cost £200 (RRP £350)

An A rated dishwasher over my D rated dishwasher would potentially be worth buying IF used daily, given that would currently save £70/year assuming April 2023 prices

When electricity prices were more reasonable at 15p/kWh instead of the expected 54p/kWh in April, it'd be a mere £17/year saving and that's only if you're using it daily. The D rated one uses 0.85 kWh a cycle. The A rated ones use 0.54 kWh a cycle

What is however better for dishwashers in my experience, is using powder instead of tablets. If I use tablets, I have to use the "intensive" mode. I can get away with "standard" or even "eco" when using powder

I also wouldn't go for a "dialogue oven" when it's nearly £10K!


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Oh for sure. I mentioned my own requirements because I couldn't set why I'd need to spend a few hundred extra to save minus still a few hundred

That's the main reason that stops me from buying a Miele solar save dish washer. Like yes it uses so much less, and yes, it makes better use of my solar panels but also its a lot more expensive for what's realistically little gain (for me)

My D rated dishwasher uses 0.85 kWh per cycle. An A rated one uses 0.54 kWh per cycle. If you use it every single day, you're looking at a saving of 113.15 kWh in a year. In the UK, assuming April 2023 pricing that's a saving of £61.11 a year

When electricity was 15p/kWh, then you'd have to use your dishwasher multiple times a day for it to be cheaper. Assuming you're using it once a day, that's a saving of a mere £17 a year. Assuming also that it lasts ten years, I'd look to have spent £200 extra, max.

But again that is if I was using it once a day, which I'm not.


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I do indeed. Honestly, if Beko, Hotpoint, Haier or Bosch had the same features including the same efficiency (I'm not too fussed about WiFi however), I'd go with them

One thing I can't quite get to work is the "Wash to dry" function so I've contacted Miele

Beko and Hotpoint are on the cheaper end of the market but the Whirlpool group do have genuinely decent appliances. My dishwasher is made by Beko too

Haier is a Chinese company but they do seem quite a high end Chinese company. They also don't have the same features as the Miele that I wanted

I'd make sure your Speed Queen has the ability to reverse the direction of the drum.

I do quite like that it's A+++-10% too, largely because I've also got solar panels and the less energy used, the better


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My dishwasher is "D rated" on the new EPC scale. It would have been A+++ rated on the old one

I don't truly care because it cost me £200, and I use it maybe once a week. If that lasts me, that's great. If it doesn't, no biggy because my own BIFL habit is to... not having had a dish washer most of my life. If it fails in five years time it's just another £200 or so

The A rated ones are ridiculously expensive for little energy efficiency gain


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I can understand the idea of "buy it for life" but the running costs of such an old appliance are insane

I recently bought this


There are cheaper alternatives out there made, BUT I bought that because '

It's A+++-10%. Stupidly no country within the EEA has downgraded the grading of heat pump tumble dryers. If they downgraded it, an A+++-10% EPC would maybe be EPC C rated on the new scale

It's also got a reversing drum which helps with drying times, and less ironing required (therefore less electricity and less time)

It's also a Miele. LG and Samsung do the same thing for about half the price but I don't fancy how unreliable those things are.

Here's my thread on it too