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For all that to be true you need to have the power to lift all the heavy machinery required for mining and refining and building sub-surface habitats etc, and then accelerating it to the speed of the interstellar asteroid.

If you have all that sort of delta V available that buys a metric fuck tonne of radiation shielding.


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I'm using Blender. It's saved me, I don't know how many, thousands of pounds going round the design consultation loop with an architect because by the time we handed them the brief we had already honed it down to what we wanted and they just made some regulatory adjustments before going straight on to planning.


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Exactly my point. Windows users don't complain about Windows much because it's basically like it or lump it. Don't Like it? Buy a MAC.

Like they don't complain about the UI that comes with their TV. You get what you get, learn to live with it, buy a different make next time.

The average Windows user has never even heard of Linux and would have no idea how to install any OS, including Windows.


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I use it as my daily driver for everything. I've been designing my house for the past two years. I just don't recognize this picture you paint.

Have I spent a few hours fiddling with config files to get some esoteric bit of hardware working? Yes. Have I spent a few hours fiddling with drivers and the registry to get some esoteric bit of hardware working in Windows? Again yes. Once, when I set the system up.

IME Linux, once set up stays set up. It's Windows that randomly breaks, chokes itself on it own bloat and commits suicide by update.


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Xenophobia is a fear of foreign people and cultures.

No I don't feel any fear of black holes. They're just dense mass with a gravitational pull that light can't escape.