ba1993 t1_j987o3d wrote

South-central PA landowner - I’d call it mountain area for PA standards. Bought the parcel 8 years ago. I’d recommend introducing yourself to the neighbors before buying and meeting them will give you a sense of what to expect. Our neighbors were elderly and friendly and honest. Couple of them said they have grandkids that like to bike and snowmobile but that they respect hunting seasons (which was our biggest concern). Everything has been groovy for us but still some random stuff that I don’t think anyone can account for lol.

We have trail cameras set up in numerous places and just sharing this because it’s a fun story, but once we got a pic of a woman pushing a baby in a stroller on one of our trails. Our land is quite secluded and steep on multiple sides so we were quite perplexed, but later figured out she thought our driveway was an access road and she took her stroller all 3.8 miles around our very steep and rocky property but everyone was alright haha