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I used them once for a hot water heater repair. Like $900 part. A year later the same thing happened - same blinking light sequence on the sensor. I call a different company and he showed me how to hit the burner with compressed air to clean it off. Was not even related to the part that was replaced.


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The residents are saying that the presence of an additional 30 units will degrade nearby property values. "Difficult to prove" is an understatement. In town you have 3 bedroom houses built in the 1940s on a quarter acre going for $225-250/sq ft. Identical construction further out of town where I live is more like $150-175/sq ft. The reality is that denser neighborhoods are more desirable nowadays.

I've lived here since 2007, and I can understand that the town's transformation has been drastic and not to everyone's liking. But a homebuyer in town can have no legitimate complaint on the basis of property values. I hope this lawsuit gets tossed out fast.