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Cats (and kittens especially) don't roam very far when they escape. My roommate's cat got out for 3 days around the Race/Vine BSL station and we ended up seeing her running around our street and brought her back in. Another time my ex's cat escaped and was just hiding in a bush across the street for a day.

Cats are generally nervous homebodies who hunt by staying in a small, secluded spot waiting for prey to come to them. Odds are your kitten is hiding somewhere very close to your house. Hope you find him


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This is a symptomatic issue of a city run by people pretending to have a clue what they're doing when they're actually complete idiots. I'm watching today's City Council meeting for work and we are fucked. This shit isn't going to change. They were seriously saying one of the solutions to youth gun violence is opening the library an extra day per week. The fucking library.

In case the people in charge of our city can't comprehend this, let me make something clear: kids who want to read books will find books to read. Kids who want to get into crime will find ways to do that too. There is almost no overlap for these kids.

Another thing they discussed as a solution to youth gun violence was tackling the issue of slumlords and housing. A completely separate issue that nobody really elaborated on. They just mentioned it and kind of moved along.

The people in charge of this city have no idea what the fuck they're doing. You want to solve the youth gun violence problem? Here's an idea: implement real consequences for violent offenders. Right now they think carjacking is cool, but I wonder how cool they'd think it is if one of their friends got 15 years in prison for it. But we have a weak DA, a useless police force, and an epidemic of absent parents, so why would you be afraid to do anything wrong?

Here's another idea: more truancy officers. How many of these kids are even going to school at all? This kid was shot and killed in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. Those are school hours. Why wasn't he there? (EDIT: didn't read the article before posting, turns out he was walking to school and shot in the morning. Want to clarify that I wasn't victim blaming either, was just trying to understand how this happened. Was he shot by fellow students or just random criminals starting their day early?)

You have to punish the parents. Oh you're a parent and your kid isn't at school and you don't know where they are? Now you're liable for whatever they do and face consequences if they do something bad. Might make parents step up or make kids stop behaving this way if they see that they're harming people close to them.

But one thing that is definitely not going to change the youth gun violence problem? A fucking library being open one extra day per week. And until our city leaders start discussing actually viable solutions instead of sitting around City Hall jacking off, more kids are gonna get shot.


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So much great shit happens in Season 2. Even if you don't like the docks, you've got Cold Blood Stringer running the Barksdale Org. You get the Omar courtoom scene. D'Angelo and Avon in prison. Herc in Rocawear. The tennis ball.

But the shit with the docks is brilliant too. The last 4 episodes of the season are a perfect crescendo. The cat and mouse game with the Greek in the hotel is fucking great.

And without the Greeks you don't get the iconic line from Sergei - "Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn't us."

Season 2 is objectively better than 5 by a mile and might even be better than Season 1. Doesn't touch 3 or 4 but to say it drags the show down is one of the stranger stances I see people take regarding The Wire. I really feel like people don't like Season 2 mostly because of how comparatively white the cast is.


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Absolutely was not a skittish or sheltered person prior to enrollment, graduated with PTSD thanks to getting robbed at gunpoint, being attacked by a group of teens and watching my friend get stabbed to death. Best part about the stabbing was how Temple buried the story and deleted it from their website after confirming that he wasn't a student.


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Mass shootings are anomalies vs normal shootings, but after a mass shooting people say things like "can't even go to the grocery store/movie theater/etc. without worrying about getting shot" - would you argue semantics with those people, or agree that it's a problem that these things are happening at all, regardless of their frequency or overall likelihood? Our city has a random violent crime crisis and the various individualized ways people are victimized speaks to the larger issue.


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Yeah and I'm one of them. Doesn't make this even remotely acceptable. Our city needs to do better and it starts with people not brushing this shit aside by saying "well actually thousands of people do this everyday so it isn't a problem". Thousands of people ride the BSL and MFL everyday without incident but it doesn't make the state of our subways any less abhorrent.