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> these Senators knew that not voting for this bill would make them look like heartless, cruel hypocrites (because they are). Staying away means it fails anyway, but that they don't get put on the record as opposing it.

This phenomena is called ghosting in the dating world.


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I love how they're same same but different. I bet if they grew up with calisthenics their health may have been different. Working out does improve mental health.

It's so easy to forget technology has vastly changed how we're able to have access to information. I can't imagine how difficult and painstaking it is to translate someone's work into my own language without a computer doing it for me.

Emerson has always been close to my heart too. There truly is a connection between nature and trying to find some weird rationality of a higher being. Nietzsche said God was dead due to enlightenment. I don't think humans are enlighten enough and that's why some people have to "fill in gaps" to explain things they don't understand. It's not enough to have access to all of the world's information if you're not able to filter out and discern what's available.

I don't know how many people are on a path towards "enlightenment" when our attention spans are for sale and we can barely afford to live, our health care held over our heads with limited options for advancement in life based off where and to who we were fortunate enough to be born. I use the term "fortunate" loosely in my regard, nevertheless.

In a world where controversy brings in more revenue and it's just business savvy to treat people less than human it brings a corrosion on moral and mental health. It's systemic greed raised and nurtured from lesser civilizations, eras before our current time where "we've always done it this way" keeps the system rotten to its core.

This demented site upvotes and promotes the oppressors and silence and downvote what contrasts to your infantile worldviews.


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> What really sucks is that it also impairs ability to create lasting memories, and also kills the “mind’s eye”

Source? I remember my trauma like it was yesterday.