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Umm, what US have you been watching? It's run by money, has been for a while, plenty of US oligarchs. The R whine and complain about the deficit when not in power, but run it up when they gain control, stonewall if they can any progress, so they can say the goverment doesn't work and then regulatory capture any agency they can, so they can privatize it and get kickbacks.

The democrats don't follow lock and step, so when they do get in control, very little gets done. Not to mention they are also all getting rich off insider information just like the R. Some of them care, one man in particular, but most of them just pay lip service. Not to mention all the gerrymandering that's fucking legal in the US.

The President doesn't have control over what laws get passed, yes, that is what I have said. But he can come out publicly for or against something. Influencing public opinion. He can also talk privately with senators and make deals, he obviously can wield power over what happens in the house and senate, but he certainly doesn't control either. Especially with more and more wackos being elected to the house.

Or do you think the United States of America has made a lot of progress in the last few decades? You're a fool if you do. It's one or two elections away from a dictatorship.


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No say yes, but sway he does have. As long as R have congress nothing gets done. D have it little gets done, half the reason is that not enough D have a seat, the other half is money.


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not fight or not leave. Cuz if they cant leave they're either getting executed by their 'commanders' or getting shot/shelled by ukrainians. As execution by sledgehammer is not how I'd want to go. Not that I want to go getting shot by Ukrainian since Slava Ukraine!

Or Norway wont transfer someone with the death penalty, cuz thats whats waiting for the guy. Whether or not Russia admits it on paper or not.

Edit: Ok sorry I misread the response or rather it wasn't clear. He's been released into Norway if I understand correctly.


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Theres a ton of things your system should or shouldn't be doing. At this point the only way anything gets done is if the president does something along the way. Not including signing it, obviously.


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No hes saying that rich ones get their family to pay for them to get a bogus 6 months service and get released, the rest die, eventually. I don't know the stats but some of the people have to be either good people or people who protested either this war or Pootin and are now being fed to a meat grinder because a man with a small dick thought war was the best way to make a legacy. The time that was possible is basically over; there's no legacy if everyone's dead, and that kinda the only way to win a war currently with a nuclear power.


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Sorry for not reading the username after responding to a single person for a long ass thread, you dipshit! It is totally obvious too when you're going back and forth responding on the website and an app, you fuckwit.


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Wtf are you even talking about, nothing I have said is speculative? My previous statement was of course meant as hyperbole, but was also phrased in a way to make it as accurate as possible. Instead you seem to be unable to realize that and are concentrating on unlikely edge cases. Not to mention TBI can literally change who you are.

If people are in freezing water for an extended period of time the start to go into hypothermia. Symptoms of hypothermia include:

Weak pulse

Clumsiness or lack of coordination

Drowsiness or very low energy

Confusion or memory loss

Loss of consciousness

Now does this sound like a state of being in which persons could climb the side of a boat en mass and cause it to tip? Adrenaline only lasts for so long.

At NO point did I ever say in 5 minutes any or all boats should have gone back. The ONLY 5 minutes I have referred to is your time in 'glacial water'. In controlled conditions, with no panic or fear. As well as being in good medical condition, no malnutrition and no history of nicotine use. I'm sure with a warm tent or whatever nearby.

But I'm do e arguing with some Jackass who dipped his toes in cold water and think he's an expert on cold water survival.


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I specified through the brain for a reason. Though, yes, you can get pierced through parts of your brain and still survive. I had thought that I had dumbed down the statement enough. Unless it's a small calibre bullet entering through your eye or other hole around your brain, any bullet able to pierce your skull, and go through your brain, is going to leave an even bigger exit hole or is going to ricochet off the inside of your skull and continue to do damage. So yes, Dunning-Kruger strikes again!

If bullet go through brainy and make brainy mush and fail out of head, you go to sleep and never wake up.


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WHAT FUCKING 5 MINUTES TIMELINE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Im talking about being in a boat that left the area and then coming back THATS NOT 5 FUCKING MINUTES! These are untrained socialites in the goddamn 1920's

So you went in controlled conditions into some Arctic water, wow, so impressive. Still haven't given me an approximate number for how long. Have you ever had hypothermia? In the water? Then I'd take your first-hand account.

And you just fucking admitted it! It was possible for them to go back and pick people up, without being swarmed by near frozen passengers.


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We are talking about a specific hypothetical, and you want to open this hypothetical to any fucking goddamn time in the water. So yes if I was in the bahamas in the middle of summer and there were 100s of people in the water nearby I wouldn't immediately go in there with a boat. Key word being immediately.

If I was in a goddamn boat during the sinking of the Titanic and I could turn back and save people in the freezing fucking water, I would. It also sounds like you have had training in water, as well, I don't think anybody who was in the water had the fucking option of keeping their neck out of the water. I don't know what hypothetical situation of a boat full of trained water experts sinking in waist deep water equates to the sinking of the Titanic that your talking about. Sounds like people that don't need saving.

I can confidently state if you get shot in the head and the bullet goes through your brain, you will die. One can confidently state things if they understand the facts. I don't have to get shot in the head to know what happens if you do.


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Full immersion. So how long? 5 minutes, 10 minutes. How bout 30 minutes? How about 4 hours? I bet you pretty fast, you start moving slow, your fingers stop responding. You grow confused and tired. All the time having to tread water.

I think you get the idea, but hey, go ahead and leave people to die.


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Have you ever been in cold water before? I mean freezing water. Have you been in it in 1912 clothes? If your boat was right there at the beginning, maybe yeah. This guy wanted to turn his boat around and go back. That's plenty of time for people to get into the later stages of hypothermia. And while yes hypothermia was not as well understood back then (unfortunately thanks to Nazis, it is now)people still knew cold=bad.


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Anyone with half a brain on those boats should be able to tell that freezing water makes people slow. No one is swarming a boat in the cold salt water.

All the people down voting me are fine with letting people drown.


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I never bothered with the phone tap and pay b/ I was gunna pull something out, might as well be the card. That and some terminals being not compatible, while a card always is.

Though part of the reason for using the watch these days is it's basically always out and to help justify to myself how much I spent on it.(and now watch straps) Though when a terminal either doesn't have tap or the spot is in a weird spot I look kinda dumb, or at least in my head i do.


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God that's low. Mines lower than $200 for sure. I've been pretty lucky in that the only time I lost a credit card at the bus stop, a nice older gentleman found it. Called all the people with the same last name in my area, and I think got in contact with my Grandpa at the time. I don't think I had noticed yet that I had lost it. I also didn't even know about Tap and pay at the time, somehow. So after he ID me when I came to pick it up and said well it's a good thing they don't have my pin, he explained that CCs have Tap on them.

Nowadays, I use Tap on my watch when I can.


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Space is relative. So yeah a little pressure surrounding the earth, surprisingly far away as well. But it the space between galaxies I'm gunno go with no pressure. As this video will teach(I did not actually watch the whole video)