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NJ has a lot of towns from before cars. They're pretty walkable. Lambertville is the classic example.

I live in East Rutherford down the street from this shot. It's actually really walkable. Bus and train are both walking distance from most of the town. When I want to go to American Dream I can take a bus to get there. It's pretty great these days TBH


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Dude get into gardening and permaculture design. It'll help you feel some control over how things turn out. Also, you'll develop useful skills if what you're worried about actually happens.

You're definitely right there's a big risk of some really awful stuff happening. Try not to let it consume you and build resilience in your local community. Don't live your life online.


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It really depends on where in the city you work. You have a LOT more options for a sub 1 hr commute.if you work in midtown for instance. If you work in FIDI, the ferry and path suburbs are best. If you work in Harlem or further north, bridge suburbs are great if you're gonna drive or take the jitneys.

East Rutherford has been great for my family. Homes are affordable, there's a walkable downtown, and a huge ass mall when we want it. The schools are good and improving, we have a brand new middle school that's amazing. It's very diverse and class sizes are small. There's always little town events and concerts and fairs. There's also tons of buses running to port authority all day and night. The Rutherford train station is also walking distance. Having both bus and train available is awesome. Hoboken is only two train stops away when I want that vibe too. IMO, this town is pretty perfect and I'm glad I'm raising my kids here. We also have the lowest property tax rate in Bergen county, that is important.


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Probably Paramus. Just tons of traffic and malls. There's no actual downtown or anything resembling a cohesive identity besides shopping on rt17.

Yes, NJ's post industrial cities have their problems but they also have history and culture. Paramus is just a symbol of everything wrong with late stage capitalism.


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This x1000. One thing I'd love to see is libraries adding tools. So many apartment dwellers need a drill once in a while. I've got a garage full of tools I've used maybe 5 times. I'd love to share those with my neighbors but be able to have them when I need them. We need a real culture of libraries of everything, not just books and media.