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I bought a house here recently, and I've been very happy with the direction of the neighborhood. East of Aramingo it's quiet but also very much alive, VERY clean for Philly, great access to 95, and good access to Fishtown via the Rt 15 bus/trolley or by bicycle. The easy access to the box stores and all the fast food on Aramingo is a nice bonus, and despite Aramingo being a madhouse, everywhere east of it feels calm and neighborhoody. Seems like it's only getting better and better with more businesses moving in and the existing generational businesses seeming to thrive.

Only major downside is the MAGA/racist vibes you get from many of the longtime residents. Overall, that's pretty limited though, and I'm sure will change as the neighborhood continues to evolve. Also the proximity to the refinery and other polluting industry isn't awesome, but it also makes the neighborhood feel much more "alive" and I'm sure is what's responsible for it being intact and mostly free of blight, unlike so many of the surrounding neighborhoods.


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Bonks is pretty decent, and as my closest bar, I go relatively frequently. Decently priced and the food is actually pretty good for pub fare, offers a good spread of seafood like many of the neighborhood bars. Also like so many bars in the neighborhood, the vibe can be a little "off" sometimes depending on the night, the crowd, and crew working. Sometimes the music sucks and is way too loud, but overall it's a chill bar with good service and decent food


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Just wish they would figure out a way to connect it to Richmond St and beyond in a way that makes sense. As it is now, it just sort of ends leaving you to ride on the sidewalk or take your chances on that weird part of Delaware. As a super experienced city cyclist, I've gotten it mostly figured out, but for the less experienced it would be daunting


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Agree on the cop bar tip. I want to enjoy so many of the local bars like Gaul & Co, Bonks, Byrnes, Debbies have so much potential, but there's just something just "off" about them

As far as El access, I'm not sure I agree there. Granted I live close to the Westmoreland terminal, but it typically takes me 10 mins to get from there to Frank and Girard, making access to CC really painless, other than when the El breaks down, which is pretty frequently. Also, easy access to 95 is pretty awesome


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I’ll miss his defensive game but yea that was a huge liability straight up not being able to play in Canada because of his refusal to vaccinate, especially in the Raptors playoff series last year. He is a pretty sick defensive player who’s a great stealer and rebounder, so that I will miss about him. He had some big moments this season that were clutch for the win, but I also feel he didn’t hit his full potential as a small forward


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For sure they pioneered much of this thought, but they grew up in fat times, and when things got tough(er) they turned to Reagan, who granted was largely buoyed by their parents generation. Their turn to conservatism is nothing short of astounding and honestly seems very self-serving.

I do credit them with bringing ideas like gay rights, racial equality, environmental stewardship, and much more into mainstream thought and education, and doing some amazing things along the way, but the shift to the right blows me away, even among some of my childhood friends parents.

I’m not going to say Millenials grew up in the toughest of times, but we have witnessed a large erosion of the middle class in our own lifetimes, seen the hypocrisy of the billionaire class and their purchased politicians, and the complacency (at best) of the boomer generation, seen good jobs become more and more out of reach, healthcare worsen, pensions disappear, and more. So I don’t think we will go the same route as boomers, and I do think we are to and demand change, because right now we have a broken system that is propping up the oldest generation and not doing much for anyone else. The boomers and golden generation have obstructed this change at every opportunity, but their time is nigh, and change will come


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Yes but you also live in Erie according to your flair.. big cities are growing, fueled by young adults flocking to them, and these metros and their surrounding suburbs are where progressive thought is causing all these state election upsets.

There will always be conservative young adults thanks to their conservative parents, but most of them are located in rural or rural-adjacent areas, so I wouldn’t trust this anecdotal sample as a solid indicator, for the same reason I wouldn’t trust West Philadelphia as a sample for what the rest of the state is like


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Perhaps. I am a believer in generational progressivism, and millennials grew up in a time where many progressive ideas were in mainstream education - gay rights, racial equality, recycling/environmental activism

Of course most of these things were ideas that boomers propagated in the cultural Revolution of the 60s/70s, but I believe the Reagan years supported largely by the “Golden Generation” fucked this country up pretty good

I also recognize that millennials will become slightly more conservative as they age, but we have also been witness to multiple recessions, 9/11, MAGA, growing wealth inequality, striking of Roe V. Wade, and a tough job market. I don’t think that we will slide as far to the right as Boomers. The thing I worry about most is the erosion of education and the long term implications that has for Gen Z and Alpha. I do believe in them to demand better, and believe Millenials will not go the same route as Boomers to obstruct them.


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Yep, which is why I included that qualifier, along with saying the explanation is “maybe a little too convenient”

I’m in no way saying it’s true, just that I like the theory, from an existential perspective. It’s fun to philosophize about this stuff, not trying to convince anyone this theory is true. Just fun to think about