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Absolutely agree.

This state leadership needs to get its head out of its ass and focus on reality. We have an aging, as well as low socioeconomic demographic as a state. We are becoming increasingly strained in schooling, elder care (nursing), affordable housing (most structures in Providence are greater than 50 years old), and healthcare (Lifespan and CNE are collectively in greater than $100 mill in debt).

A soccer stadium should be the last of our worries.


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Not too much tbh.

Best decision of my life was to move out of Rhody after 34 years there.

My taxes are much better, my house much bigger, my life far more affordable, and my politicians actually have a shot of being president some day (here's looking at you, Chafee!)


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There is NO luxury market in Rhode Island.

The most upscale stores that used to be in Rhody left with our gradual socioeconomic downturn over the past 20 years.

Boston Sports Club would be my best bet, but it doesn't necessarily fit the bill for your wants.


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Jade Tree was good. Its an antique store now. Not a bad one, at that.

Would recommend Tong D in Barrington to scratch that quality asian itch. There's also a killin' ramen spot in Bristol


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OH - IO!

Biiig transition away from water, but by a growing urban center (not cleveland) with not so great italian (oh well) but job benefits I never knew were feasible and people who tend to be a bit nicer than Rhode Islanders (I didnt know how occasionally rude we could be until I moved to the midwest)


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There is no business in Rhode Island.

I lived in Rhody for 30 years. Grew up there, schooled there. Moved away with my family, as its not an amazing place to raise your children based upon tax structure, cost of living, and lack of business growth. This is unfortunately taking into account the unparalleled beauty of our coast.

Moved out of state and have seen my monthly costs plummet and overall cost of living improve.

I may eventually purchase a summer home in Rhody, for the amazing summers there, but I will not call it my primary place of residence.


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You need to show up early to the piers in Newport. Like 5a early. Its possible to buy direct from fishing boats. Did this early one Thanksgiving for lobster when i had out of state family coming. As fresh as it gets.