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We attempted to adopt a young girl one time and due to the lack of caring from the social worker, we gave up. But we did have one worker tell us that "if she was in <x> foster care home, she was abused.

Sure the vast majority of foster care parents are probably good, but there are those that do it strictly for the money. AND, I've personally been acquainted with parents that didn't give a shit about their own kids.


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From what I've seen lately, a lot more stores than these use shady practices to make money. Everybody should know how often, prices are jacked up, then put on sale for the old price, or advertise great quantity discounts where if you check, it's actually cheaper to buy the items individually.

One of my favorites is dog food. I used to but 50 lb. bags. They shrunk the size to 45 lbs and advertised them as 40 lb. bags with 5 additional lbs. For Free!


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The way we run any election in this country, it take a LOT of money to campaign. Candidates need wealthy backers to get their promises in front of the people. And, as soon as they're elected, they need to start lining up money for their next run. It's only natural that their decisions are going to favor those wealthy backers.

Notice I used the word "promises" - that's only so much bs to get people to vote for them. There are exceptions to that rule, but far too few.


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So, Biden controls gasoline prices all over the world? As far as the railroad strike decision, he had no real choice. And, he is trying to do something about it. It's being reported on just about every source except Faux news and "friends". If the railroad workers went on strike, it would have had a devastating effect on the entire economy. He chose the lesser of two bad choices.

You are typical of the right wing posters. You post from total ignorance because that's what the right wing pundits and social "influencers" shoves down your throat.

You really ought to take a little time to look at facts. You'll see that those pundits all have skin in the game and are making profit from the controls that they rail against, and who knows who those "influencers" are really working for. I'd place bets that many of them are taking money from (or are) foreign sources who would like nothing better than to tear this country apart.