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your take home for the month before ANY savings, insurance, car payments, retirement, student loans will be ~3950. average rent in the seacoast area (dover, portsmouth, rochester, newmarket) is ~2.2k for a two bedroom, as a low estimate. that means ~1100 for rent, probably 1250 total including utilities. i think that’s livable but you should def consider living in one of the lower col areas, like rochester or somersworth. help save some money and pay off loans (if you have them). good luck, and congrats on the job!


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Berlin is a graying town, but it is beautiful in its own ways. All of my family is from there, we have family that stayed there our whole lives. It is depressing at times, there is a real drug problem, it feels as if it needs some serious rejuvenation. If you are more of an introvert who loves nature, it will be good. Do you have a job set up or in mind up there? Not sure what type of jobs are in the area. Some other commenters talk about Berlin going to boom in the next few years, I’m not so sure. I’ll have to see it to believe it.