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Lol it is a called Manchester-Boston Regional so I suppose we can call it a brain fart.

Anyways, I’ve definitely noticed and uptick in fighter air craft in the area. About a month ago I saw a C-5 globe master come down close enough I thought it might land at MHT. Since we only have two fighter wings in New England it’s interesting. Could mean nothing, could mean something. Like I said my ADSB tracker doesn’t pick them up which means they’ve shut their transponders off for a reason. We are left to wonder.


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Its not called Manchester Logan?

They were likely F-15s out of Westover. They did not look like F-35s, which are in Vermont. I live about 2 miles from MHT and also think I heard one take off about a week ago heading north toward Vermont.

My ADS-B Scanner feeding FlightAware does not pick them, no surprise there.

Edit: video I took of one on its third pass


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He’s not wrong the “weather people “ on TV are utter shit and dumb down the forecast for the lowest common denominator so they can squeeze in more ad time. Weather apps are also shit and sadly too many people rely on an icon on their phone to plan for what could be life threatening storms. I appreciate the rationale behind his forecasting.


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Having pre set fees is suspect as landlords may only deduct from the security deposit costs to repair damages beyond normal wear and tear. I wouldn’t sign anything, they are free to inspect and I’d say that them being there with you for an inspection is to your benefit but do not agree to fees not in your lease or not supported by receipts or quotes etc.

Refer to this site for more information specifically the “Moving Out Section”,receipt%20for%20your%20security%20deposit.


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Yes, that was their argument. In full disclosure, I am an attorney so I have a bias in this. I am not an ambulance chaser like Morgan and Morgan. I think that there is a fine line in advertising where you want people to have access to the justice system and you have to get the word out to do that then you have this crap which is just sad. In all likelihood, M&M never touches the case and just acts as a referral service and gets a fee. This is what Jim Sokolove did back in the day, remember those commercials?


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Breaking News: Shock Jocks Shock More At 11.

I think the joke was bad in a show full of bad jokes but I don't know if its racism. If two minorities steal my car am I as the victim never allowed to talk about the situation again or I have to omit the race of the two people who stole it?

Racism is a bias or hatred for a particular group based on race, gender, or other other fact that one cannot control. This was a comment about a specific scenario where a crime was committed. Yes it was a stupid thing to say, he knew it would be offensive but honestly that is the shows schtick.


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Well let’s go up the line.

First stop is the pheasant lane mall. Tax Free Shopping Second stop is South Nashua. Further tax free shopping. Third stop is over on the Hudson Nashua line that will likely be commuters but the area could be updated with mixed use offerings. 4th stop is airport in Bedford and they have already stated they will have a shuttle on loop to bring you across the river. 5th and 6th stop is down town Manchester where you have the Fisher Cats, SNHU Arena and Palace Theater along with dozens of restaurants bars and specialty shops.

There is also plans for a bed down facility for the trains which means jobs for maintenance along with crew layovers.


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There has been exactly like two studies on this thing, and they just kill the last one before it was even complete.

Dont be short sighted and I’m not going to get into the indirect benefits of this rail project because if you can’t see them by now it’s on you.

Go look at the current housing boom in the granite street area of Manchester which is smack dab in the middle of where one of the stops will be. It’s no accident.

These things never get off the ground because of obstructionism in concord.

This last study was a design build study, it was to be the last one before they made the final decision to build and would have had different alternatives.

There are literally so many indirect benefits to rail.