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Look for a Renys. There are real deals to be had there AND they carry quality merchandise like Carhartt and Pendleton. They also have close outs. I bought a bunch of Woolrich flannel shirts before Woolrich went out of business. If you see an Ocean State Job Lot, try it out. If you go to Southern Maine, check out Cabelas and Kittery Trading Post.

If you like power tools, check out Home Depot and Lowe’s. When they put something on clearance, they frequently drop the price to below what they paid for it.


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Real estate agents depend on referrals. If I hire a buyer’s broker, I’d tell them I expect to be informed of any issues that would affect the value of the house that they know about or should know about. If a law that affects my purchase is likely to be passed, I want to know about it. I want my broker to look out for me as they would themselves. If they don’t, they won’t get a good referral out of me and I might sue.


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I don’t know if I’ve been lucky, but I haven’t had any symptoms, so I haven’t gotten Covid. I took the J&J version of the vaccine.


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You guys are so fucking cool. I haven't been there.


I wish more people would say that who HAVE been here.


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So all Republicans are traitors and all democrats are good guys? ———————-

Yes. If you want to make America great again, you’re a white supremacist. If you believe that China represents a bigger threat to the USA than Russia, it’s because you hate Asians. Just go to the political discussion board.


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Many lakes and rivers were used to transport lumber, which they did until the early 1970s. That meant that many lakes that now have million dollar lakefront homes didn't have any because the logging made swimming and boating filthy and dangerous in all but the wide areas.

Many lakes had a dam and a mill at one end to process the lumber. Just imagine all those logs you see on huge trucks being floated down lakes and rivers.

Most roads were gravel or dirt, which is why early cars had such a high clearance so that they good still get through during mud season.