bazooka_matt t1_ixdiro6 wrote

Sorry bud, I just can't support keeping dams at the expense of wildlife. Also $262M is nothing compared to the cost of renovation and rebuild of these "clean dams".

I get what you're saying about when the wind doesn't blow. A hybrid system is a a must. Also what's going to happen when there's not enough water to turn the turbines in these dams anyway?


bazooka_matt t1_ixddqc4 wrote

This is perpetuating the lie that dam owners and power companies keep shoving about these 100+ yearold dams, that providing value to humans at the expense of wildlife and endangered species is always worth it. It's not.

About 75 wind turbines at 42% generation capacity will power the same number of homes. Fairly small solar fields will also do the same. The other fact is that these dams will need full replacement soon regardless and I am also sick of my tax dollars paying for things like public utilities, where the profits go to a private person. We are a long long time being done with oil and gas, but we can do without these dams.