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Could you use something like these Cellphone Straps? They’re only about $2 each and my thinking was you’d just leave them attached by the small end and leave the big loops hanging. You could then just hook a finger or two into the loop to open. I liked this idea because they won’t slip off unexpectedly which I fear is the risk of most things you’d attach each time.


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Fresh roasted coffee.

I lived in an area about 25 years ago where there weren’t any roasters nearby and there weren’t all these shipping opportunities like there are today. I started roasting my own at home. At first I used a basic air popcorn popper, then I modified that, and ultimately my wife gave me a dedicated (Behmor) roaster as a gift. I still roast today because I can fully control freshness, always have the origin I like, and simply like my roasted coffee better than what I can buy. I roast about every ten days to two weeks and it takes a total of about 40 minutes before I can put the cooled machine back in the cabinet. For anyone interested, a good starting resource is Sweet Maria’s


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Recently bought a Braun for doing soups in the Dutch Oven. It seems solid and works well for that. For daily smoothies I much prefer This Nutribullet It’s nice because it’s basically hands off once you load it, maybe a shake or two. Our smoothies are heavy duty too with all frozen Beets chunks, Strawberries, and Açaí packs. It is very good at its job and since we use it daily I can justify a single-use appliance. It is decidedly not bifl however purchasing the extended warranty somewhat mitigates that.


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I mean it looks pretty simple to narrow down.

If you disconnect the entire hose assembly from the body does it still whistle? What about if you put your hand partially over the mouth to obstruct the air? If it still whistles it’s in the body. If not, it’s in the hose somewhere.

If the sound is in the hose assembly, start at the far end and remove parts until the sound goes away. If it still whistles with only the hose attached it’s probably something stuck in there. Your handyman, handy neighbor, plumber, or electrician has a tool they can push through there real quick.