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maybe, really depends on the town and their building codes.

Mine for example, will let you build a garden trellis structure over your deck for plants or open lattice (for some shade) without needed a permit, regardless of the deck coverage or material used. But the moment you want to put an solid roof of any sort (including those cheap plastic panels) over it, you need a permit that includes structural drawings.


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Worked at a grocery store, we had a bucket of car keys that no one ever came back for. One day, a lady did- when we asked how she got home, she told us she just pulled her 2nd set out of her purse and drove home without a second thought.


It was only weeks later that she realized she only had one set on her. Everywhere she went- she just asked until she ran across them again.


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The Trestle Trail is a pretty well maintained gravel trail with a couple of road crossings, 36mm wide cross tires work great.


The Moosup Valley State Park trail has a few on road sections, a wee bit of pavement (right at the Moosup end) and the rest is in pretty rough shape- towards the western end in Moosup it's got some pretty big pot holes that fill with water. It's easy to follow but nowhere near as nice as the Trestle Trail in NE CT or the Trestle Trail.


This route (Burlingame Picnic Area on Prosser Tr to RT 138) is 16 mile on way and has a bunch of alternate lines without a significant amount pavement (outside of the transition between Burlingame and the Carolina Management Areas, about 2.5 miles). It's all doable with a gravel bike, even the bridge section in Burlingame.


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Don't really give a shit what you think, for several months I had to pull and announce my business in RI because I have blue plates. Gina's orders impacted anyone with non-RI plates that were crossing in from SE CT or SW Mass.


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Ahh, those were "fun" mornings at the Richmond rest stop, yelling at a Guardsman that I was just going to work (Defense Industry, we never stopped or slowed down). All because I live 100 yards on the wrong side of the border and have those dreaded blue plates... Still got my letter to bet me thru any roadblocks as a "worker critical to the nations defense".


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If you wanna get sued for violating State law, sure go for it.

It's covered under Sec 10-221u- physical activity cannot be used as a form of discipline from grades K-12. It's viewed as a form of corporal punishment.


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Just about everything in purple ("access trail" or double track) on the trailforks map sets are gonna be a dirt road of some sort (ie "gravel") in usually a passable condition by a gravel bike. Arcadia/Beach Pond/Yawgoog Scout Reservation and across the border into CT in Pachaug State Forest are an absolute rats nest of gravel trails, lots of fun to make connections and loops. Carolina Management Area down into Burlingame has a pretty good network of gravel as well. The rail trails (Washington Secondary/South County/East Bay) show up purple but are paved. The one exception I can think of is the Trestle trail- it's still partially gravel at the western edge where it meets CT. There's some roads in CT down by Yawgoog (Sand Hill/Denison Hill) that are partially paved and partially gravel but show up as gravel for some reason.


A favorite is a lollipop that departs the exit 1 park and ride, heads north to Piney and then either climbs up Denison Hill or detours over towards Tom Harvey before rejoining behind the Scout camp, close to the RICONN marker. You return to the park and ride via North Road and one absolute ripping fast descent. A longer version heads north into Green Falls Pond via the various cart and access roads, spends a bit of time on 138 and 165 (turning back into the woods just before Beach Pond on the Tippicansett trail). You then working your way thru Yawgoog on the Galkin trail (its a bit cryptic in places if we're being honest but look for the openings in the mountain laurel and the old mtb trail bridges from the mid 90's) and back to the car via North road.


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Cottrell Brewery is unfortunately no more ...

The rest of downtown Westerly is still there though and busy/beautiful as ever. A quick addition to the list is the Skating rink on Main Street, just beyond The Bridge Restaurant. As long as its not raining, its usual open for business.

On street parking is a bit of a pain but there's a pair of public lots on High Street (one next to the post office and the other on Canal St, go under the tracks and turn left) along with the garage next to the Washington Trust Building/opposite the Wilcox Library.