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Most of our predictions are always wrong frankly. The people making the predictions can’t possibly know all there is involved in whatever they are predicting.

Somebody told me something once that stuck with me, “we don’t know what we don’t know.”.


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If the climate change crowd is to be believed, we’re supposed to see more extreme weather right? Safe to assume that would include storms like these. Build reservoirs to catch whatever rain we get!


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The solution is building new reservoirs and expanding existing ones. Every time they attempt this, some environmental group sues because of some supposedly endangered mouse in the area or some such thing. Without more water storage, humans will become endangered, forgot about the mice.


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I install these regularly. Here’s what I do.

Where there is a stud, use one of the supplied screws. In one of the other holes on each side of the mount, use one of these. You’ll be just fine. Because the tv sits so close to the wall and doesn’t pull out, all the force is directed almost straight down.

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