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Blue Velvet is actually one of his more straightforward films. Having said that, it definitely requires multiple viewings to bring all the characters’ motivations into focus. Hell I’ve seen it probably 25 times (it’s my favorite film) and I still can’t tell you for sure if Detective Williams and The Yellow Man were both good cops, both crooked cops, or if one was good and one was crooked and if so which one was which. They can be read multiple ways, which is one of my favorite things about the film.


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This has always been my opinion, even during the show’s run. When the film came out I just logically assumed they would retire it from television and make a new film once every two or three years. After all, this was still in the time when film was by far the preferred and more esteemed art form. There wasn’t a Sopranos-level series on a dozen different streaming services. But logic never got in the way of a studio executive trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.