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If “massive overtime conspiracy” is your foothold in this or any argument, you should also consider that you may just be wrong and run that out a little also. Yes, the grid as it exists requires more maintenance than one that is subterranean but that doesn’t implicate the workers in a lobbying/conspiracy/scheme.

Did you lose power yesterday?


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The accuracy of the subjective tests is more/less binary; above or below legal limit. The visual acuity test adds nuance to the extent to which the subject is intoxicated in excess of the legal limit. I’m not suggesting “some beat cop” can beat you or any physician at a physical exam. I’m also not suggesting anyone rely on this test alone…when a police officer pulls someone over after 12:30 AM, detects an odor of alcohol and slurred speech, and puts the driver through the visual acuity test (which also requires them to stand in front of the officer and allows them to observe the subjects balance, respiration, as well as their response to the test itself) they’ve got a pretty good justification to make an arrest for suspicion of OUI.


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The subjective tests WHEN ADMINISTERED PROPERLY are remarkably accurate…a veteran officer can usually get pretty close to your BAC with the visual acuity test (follow the pen with just your eyes, officer notes the frequency with which your twitches as it tracks laterally).


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It’s packed with denial…he’ll learn alllllllll about denial at the IDIP weekend course. The final draft usually goes something like “I knowingly drank to excess, got behind the wheel because of my contempt for the law, and I have nobody to blame but myself. I accept the consequences of my actions.”


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I’ll +1 for Jefco.

The most favorable course of events is 1) he pleads guilty to what it sounds like he knows that he DID do 2) he signs up immediately for the IDIP program 3) doing so vacates 6 of the 9 month suspension AND the DMV will generally waive the ALS 4) he will pay a fine ($620) and lose his license for 3 months 5) after 45 days he can apply for a limited license to drive to work (after installing an ignition interlock at his expense). An attorney may be able to find an angle to destroy the case on procedure or something like that but this is less than ideal; the average DUI has to drive intoxicated 188 times before getting arrested so I think it’s entirely likely that this wasn’t his first time and if he doesn’t take responsibility here, it also likely won’t be his last…DUI has a better than 90% recidivism rate.