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Stamford traffic signals are the absolute worst all around, especially the ones at 95 along State Street. Way too long for no good reason, always out of sync, and they don’t adjust well to traffic conditions.


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So let’s take this one step further. Middle class homes in flood-prone areas in Houston. Poor neighborhoods in historic low-lying areas in New Orleans. Should those people get any assistance the next time their homes get destroyed? I’m genuinely asking. Because I struggle with this question myself. Should we give people vouchers to move somewhere else “safer” instead?


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Most bagel stores should be open this morning, perhaps until noon.

I hope you can have a relaxing day and still connect with your whole family. Watch a favorite movie. Do some fun "you" stuff. Or just rest.

Merry Christmas!


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First, you’re never wrong to feel annoyed.

Second, this is where I think small business can and should make the difference to win people back from chains. If the person was the owner or a long time employee, she could have easily said “We just changed this policy so I’ll throw it in for free this time.” That both makes you feel good, identifies you as a repeat customer, and is an easy win for the restaurant that only costs a few cents. That’s a lot better than risking an irritated customer who never comes back.

Regardless not a big deal, as you’ve responded, and sounds like you had a great dinner!


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Reply to comment by Pancrat in "you got candy?" by Lyrehctoo

Wow, I’ve never seen anyone respond to a trick or treater this way. Half the kids that come up where I live are too shy to even say anything, and just reach in for one little piece. Do they get candy at your house?