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Yea, this is more of a discussion topic and not a well thought out or scientifically sound proposal.

I saw the update from the MD Senate this morning about the POWER Act and the fact that we might start hitting electricity issues with all of these options available was just frustrating. Maryland needs that sweet sweet clean energy!


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The basic idea: some energy technologies seem to have “learning curves,” where manufacturers get better at producing the more they make and it drives prices down. Solar and wind seem to have nice learning curves, which has driven down prices; nuclear does not, and neither do fossil fuels.

Does green hydrogen? The answer appears to be yes, and that has the potential to “fill in the gaps” where we need a source of stable energy to cover for solar or wind when the sun is down and the breeze is light.

And green hydrogen is actually green. It involves using clean energy to electrolyze water to generate carbon-free hydrogen.

I’ll be honest, I loved the optimism here!