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Whether intentional or not, it is that deep. Additionally, the public (including you) either ignoring that or not being to see its effects is problematic.

These studies are coming out because adults have, since video games came out, touted how horrible they are for the next generation. Stating these oversimplified redirections away from the real problem is, in my opinion, an intentional strategy to suggest kids should just keep consuming it because "it is better than nothing". Do you really think higher-ups of governments actually care about their citizens? You're just a number to them, and so are our children.

I doubt any of these studies would show the development in kids who play only video games hold up against kids who actively engage in actual games (sports; science fairs; spelling bees; whatever) and exploration. Compare a kid who plays video games to a kid who goes hunting and I can bet there will be a noticeable advantage to the kid who goes outside, learns to handle a firearm, understands the life cycle of their prey, understands its habitats and the opportunities and dangers within it. Sure, a kid who plays video games will likely be able to follow simple directions but is that really the goal for youth? Being able to follow directions is a goal for infants.

What I'm saying is: "Set the bar higher".


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Feed the public that video games are the real way of life. Feed them until they eat from your hand. Video games are the perfect avenue for governments and big business to trap younger generations and get them in consumption traps.


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This article proves the necessity of treatment.

Canada just rolled out their medically-assisted suicide program. People are already going for it. Depression and other mental health issues can be treated. Life is worth living.