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We have a similar room, which is essentially a porch that has been converted into a room.

We were on a tight budget, so we thoroughly caulked all sides of the baseboards, electrical outlets, and around the window frames, put in a thick carpet and padding on the floor, heavy fabric drapes for the windows in winter (but we change them out in summer), and we use the plastic film and a humidifier in winter as well.

This helped a lot, but of course isn't enough when the temp drops below 20°F. At that point we use a 900 watt space heater, but it's only needed sparingly. That's the least expensive route, anyway.


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David's Cookies online will ship you one for about $60.00

Or you could settle for the Cheesecake Factory's mango-key lime cheesecake.

Tous Les Jours in Allston has mango cream pastries but not cheesecake, unfortunately.


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Because we're the ones who get hit.

Drivers on Franklin have their view obstructed by the Cosmic Moose and they don't stop until they clear it if at all, which is far too often too late for the pedestrians they didn't see. They are so busy looking past the fence to see oncoming traffic beyond it that they completely ignore the crosswalk.

People in the neighborhood both drive and walk. Where else should they put the sign?


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I once watched one do a stealth operation to catch people fishing on a lake without a permit.

He got there well before dawn, slipped his boat into the lake and hid in the shadow of a ledge among the reeds. He'd wait until a boat would get way out into the middle of the lake and get settled in. After they'd make a few casts and get real comfortable, he'd come tearing out like a bat out of hell and swoop down on them. Then he'd write them a citation and force them to leave. He even took one guy's boat!

Rinse and repeat. It was the most entertaining ending to an insomnia-plagued night I've ever had!


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If this was being delivered by USPS they will routinely mark a package as delivered with no intent to actually deliver it for 2-3 more days. They get payment incentives to deliver it within the window, but they don't even try to. Amazon doesn't care, as long as they tick the box. Wait and see if it arrives in a couple of days because if it was USPS it may not have been stolen.

If it was Amazon delivery or UPS, then I would just call the non-emergency police number and ask them if they can do it over the phone.


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We have a room like that. We insulated the windows as everyone else has already suggested, put a thick rug down on the floor, but there were still strong drafts that were coming from the outlets and the baseboards. We put those baby-proofing plugs in any unused outlets, weather-taped around the covers, and then caulked the baseboards. If you can't manage caulk atm just use hot glue. It will peel up nicely in the summer when you are ready to caulk.

Make sure to use a humidifier, especially if you get a space heater.

We also found using a higher bed and not putting anything underneath it so that air could flow under the bed and move around the room helped a lot.