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These are cults. Plain and simple.

At the end of the day, someone needs to haul your trash someplace i.e. you don't exist in a vacuum. You are embedded in a society that doesn't care about your smart contracts.

I hope you can get out before the indoctrination has absorbed you completely.


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Given the garbage-in/garbage-out problem of currently popular crops of AI, I'd say you have a long fruitful 45y of work ahead of you in any field you choose.

And in general, the higher educated you are, the safer you are from technology-driven disruptions in the economy.


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It’s astounding how you are not aware of the categorical differences between von Neumann architecture based machines and the brain.

Simple linear algebra algorithms like chatGPT are not even close to be comparable to our wet ware. The jury is still out if our brain functions are even computable (in the computer science sense)

So, cut down the hype and appreciate what chatGPT is and isn’t. It is not a stepping stone to an AGI. It is a great text completion engine.


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The operator doesn’t know Chinese. Do I need to spell out the analogy to chatGPT?

ChatGPT is great at word embeddings and completion but is an otherwise dumb algorithm. Comparing that to human’s ability to express themselves with language is useless.

I mean if you don’t get the Chinese room experiment you might think Eliza is a master of psychology.