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It was a long time ago when I was in grad school involving anthropology and archaeology. Some things stopped bugging me after basically living with bones for a few months on some sites, but the first time you’re faced with one that is gooey… I’m fine when they’re clean, but I could never do what the forensic anthropologists do.

I felt like lady Macbeth with my hair.


beigs t1_j3z9n91 wrote

It takes a bit to get that stuff out and you won’t forget the smell… but it isn’t so bad the next time if ever you have to deal with it again.

I got rid of my clothes the first time I dealt with the smell of death. A clarifying shampoo would also help your hair, and if your house smells, ozone machine / air purifier.

Remember to try and get rid of the smell, not mask it with perfume.

That really sucks, I’m sorry.