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What are the hurdles to a mainstream/mass producible product to enable this sort of technology? The article here says they have a device that can be used in clinical settings which they are parenting and planning to commercialize, though I suppose plenty of battery tech that never comes to fruition also likely goes through similar steps. However as a layperson it's not really clear what if anything is stopping something like this. Would you mind providing some insight into this?


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Wait you're telling me there's ev batteries that you can leave out for 24 hours or more at below freezing temps and it keeps the battery above freezing so it's not degraded? Any source on that because I've never heard of such a thing and I'd have to ask where the energy to heat the battery comes from, is it just actively discharging to maintain a set temp, and it'd be dead if you left it out in the cold for a week or something?


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I can't speak from experience here, but pretty sure quickly wearing the battery down is only half the puzzle. 5-10 years of exposure to summer heat and moreso freezing cold in winters will do a lot more damage to the battery. Granted if you live somewhere where it never gets below 5C or above 30C maybe the wear from exposure to elements would be much more controlled. Similarly if you always parked the car in a warm climate controlled area it would likely be fine, but that's not realistic


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So the current mines are at 100% theoretical capacity and there's no more places in the globe that could be used to open new mines, and you're saying in spite of the constantly growing demand over the last couple decades, nations across the globe haven't been looking for economical sources to open new mines? I don't know much about the industry, but that sounds pretty unlikely to me, though besides child labor horrors, the only info I can find on new mines is that the US just opened it's first one in 2022


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It's more likely they just lack either spectrum and/or backhaul to the tower where they are. For example, TMobile in many areas has only 1gbps to many towers despite sharing that spectrum across 3 or even 4 sets of panels. Where I am, the spectrum itself could easily support 1.5-2Gbps or more per sector on the tower, but they'd need at least 10Gbps to allow each sector to max out the deployed spectrum.


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My oven doesn't have a convection option. My countertop toaster oven has an air fry function (basically making it a convection oven like you said). Unfortunately despite this function, it is far inferior to my actual air fryer when it comes to air frying food. There's a reason people buy dedicated air fryers vs using an oven with convection or air fry functionality imo, and it's not just about space and energy efficiency.


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Looking at them, I like how the bowl is integrated, but do you need to use oil with them? Does clarified butter burn with them? (I see many have butter melting areas, but melted butter isn't what you put on popcorn, you need clarified butter if you don't want it soggy. Plus adding oil to pop then butter on top of that seems like too much). Lastly it looks like they need cleaning after each use, unlike air poppers, is that right?