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I use the exact same method and I've found it turns out steaks better than any steakhouse I've been to.

I'd smash that garlic up a bit (although I like way too much garlic).


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That's how my uneducated brain sees it. It's like if all possible outcomes are just probabilities on a bell curve, and we're sat somewhere on top of the bell, but the infinite possibilities stretch out at each end infinitely.

However this bell curve is in 3D space and might be better thought of as a gradual blurring, as more possibilities spread out from a single fixed point of observation.


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It really depends what you mean by "better".

Safer? hell no, men tend to be way more dangerous.

Getting out of potentially dangerous situations? Possible.

Driving competitively at a very high level? Yes, men are more prevalent in this, but that doesn't mean that a man will be better than a woman, only that characteristics that lead someone to excel are more likely to be there in men.