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I’m a huge fan of his and I said somewhat because he’s underrated by the general public but any singer+songwriter and guitar player worth a damn knows who Warren Zevon was.

I got to be friends with Todd Snider back when he lived in my city and he turned me on to Warren. This was 20+ years ago


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“A man got to have a code.” -Omar

He seemed to have a knack for giving things back including a horse given to him by an oil man and even his wife after a couple of months of marriage


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They make draft beer dispensers where there’s a little magnet in the bottom of a plastic cup. The bartender puts the cup on a nozzle and it feels it up with beer from the bottom.

Normally the hole with the magnet thing is on then bottom and a different color and people get curious and poke it causing beer to spill all over the bar and usually the person drinking it.

A local bar had one for a while - it was a neat novelty but they finally took it out and put in a regular draft system


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They make money because they severely overcharge for what the product is. And if 3%-5% of the customer base asks for a a replacement or another pair they’re still making money because of the huge markup.

I’ve got multiple pairs - they’re ok. They do have good customer service from all accounts.


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I’ve read about these several times and they remind me more of a lobster like creature rather than a scorpion - all three being arthropods.

The “stinger” is thought to be a sex organ.

The big ones were just one they diversified from very large to very small.

But to give you an idea on size of the biggest here you go;