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You mean this one ──── ◉ ──── ?

It may disappoint you coz it's not a very fancy trick.

I have an emoticon keyboard in phone, and simply search "circle" with it, it'll pop up. Used it as separate lines in my novel (ofc not as dumb as this little passage), so always kept in handy in my clipboards.


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Holy Crap.

My daughter, Louise, had gained 1 count on her head.

And I knew what that meant.

──── ◉ ────

"Oh no..." I rubbed my face and went out to the garden. Seeing a yellow school bus approaching, I put my hands on the hips and waited.

"Maaaaaaaaami!!!" Lou jumped out of the door once it opened.

"Hey, sweetie. What did you do today?" I saw the new count number in terror.

"I talked with Kessi, Léa, Ms. Goldberg and.. what's wrong, mommy?"

"Did you touch anything sharp?"


"Did someone get hurt?"

She sealed her mouth.

I said in calmest tone as ever. "Tell me what happened."

"I...stepped on a bee." Her eyes watered. "Kessi was screaming, and everyone was scared. Ms. Goldberg wasn't with us, so..."

She went silent, my heart went lighter.

"I'm sorry, mami." She sobbed. Her noses and cheeks blushed and her mouth dragged down as a steep curve.

"It's okay, sweetie." I hugged her. "Did you bury it?"

"Yes, Ms. Goldberg put it outside the garden."

──── ◉ ────

"A life is a life, and shall be remembered, well-kept as a memory in our heart." Wrote this of thinking of something funny and also you guys will know the reference of stepping a bee (shrug) Hope this didn't offend anyone here.