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If you’re around the VCU area, 821 Cafe is my go to for a restaurant that has killer vegan offerings as well as stuff for omnivores, but Ipanema and Harrison Street cafe are both vegetarian/vegan establishments if everyone is down to eat plant-based. Then you can walk down to Velocity comics after you eat!


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A billion years ago (ok fine, like 10-12), I worked at a restaurant that did delivery, so I would keep the site up so drivers could see any issues they needed to avoid. It used to populate with more information. Like, the entry would be something like “MVA Property Damage” and there would be a box with a small description. Stuff like “female driver drunk and belligerent”. I assume they stopped for privacy reasons, but it could get entertaining.


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Early dentist appointment and I slept terrrrrribly last night. Looking forward to coffee with a friend after the dentist though. A shiny spot in an otherwise crappy morning.


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Im also awake too early to be functional but all I have to blame is creeping anxiety. I hope wherever you’re going is awesome!

No holiday travel for us. Our holiday arrangement has long been that we travel for thanksgiving and host Christmas at our house. It’s worked well for about a decade and saved a lot of stress. I remember cross-country driving to various grandparents homes for Christmas (as a military kid, we never lived close to family) and it was always a schlep and more stressful than fun. Doing my best to save my own kid from that.


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Rainy days always make me want to listen to that last Whiskeytown album, Pneumonia.

The kiddo is home with a confirmed case of the flu and is driving everyone (me) bonkers but I’m hoping I can get my baking for the family treat exchange done today anyways. Wish me luck!


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I’ve been playing with making chocolate so I wanted to check and see if they had any of that type of stuff. Nothing fancy, but like molds or a bench scraper that’s larger than my little oxo one, that kind of thing. I know I could probably get it on Amazon but sometimes it’s fun to just see what’s around.