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The solution is to get more credit and not use it. So, either a higher limit on the card you have, or an additional card. Use the additional card once in a while, like for one load of groceries a month to keep it active, and pay it off like you do. You have a good score, so it shouldn't be hard for you to get another card. You're doing everything right. This is not something to worry about.


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My mom had an emergency neuro issue. My dad BEGGED the ambulance to take her to Presby because he knew they had a good neuro dept. They wanted to take her to St. Margarets, because it was closer. They finally agreed, and thank god they did. She just happened to have a super rare thing happen to her, and there is like ONE expert in the entire country on this super rare thing, and he just happens to work at Presby and happened to be working there that night when my mom came in. If she had gone to any other hospital or was seen by any other doc, she probably wouldn't be here right now.


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If you're shopping for a kid, check out the "Just Between Friends" and "Sunflower Sprouts" events coming up this spring. There's one in Monroeville, and a few others around the area. They're huge kids' resale events. Clothes, toys, furniture, baby stuff - everything. They have really high standards for what can be sold (no stains, tears, etc), so everything is in good condition. I can buy everything my son needs for a season - clothes, pajamas, swim gear, outerwear, shoes, and even a few toys, all for around $100.

And you can also sell your kids' old stuff that they've outgrown. I've been selling my son's old clothes and getting all his new clothes at the same time for the last few years. I easily earn over $100 selling last season's stuff, and then buy $100 worth of the upcoming season's stuff.

I'm keeping him clothed and getting him new toys for free, basically.


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Style Encore in McCandless Crossing has a lot of great stuff. I've gotten some really nice designer bags there, clothes with tags still on, nice jewelry and accessories. The staff there are really nice and it's a very clean place. Bright and cheery.