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Absolutely - when I last lived in Pittsburgh I lived Downtown in the Roosevelt building and found myself in that terrible Burlington Coat Factory far too often. Would be nicer to have something with a local connection, but a Target right there would have been a huge upgrade.


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Yeah - this is key and Mad Mex is a perfect example of this - just a clone of a national chain business model which inherently means a steady decline in quality. In the end you have what Mad Mex has been for years now: decidedly sub-par Mexican food (even by Pittsburgh standards) in a sub-par dining environment. Most of the people I know who still go to places like this have young kids, and it makes a bit of sense for them, I guess, but outside of that there really isn't any good reason to give business to these places.


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This is huge. I'm looking in both Phoenix, AZ and Pittsburgh, depending on how things work out job wise. When I look in Phoenix I can raise my price ceiling by tens of thousands of dollars compared to Pittsburgh just based on the property taxes alone. It makes a lot of sense considering what the infrastructure costs must be, so I'm not complaining, but a lot of people seem to be surprised by these things whereas they should be considering them right up front.

Side note: even factoring that in, Pittsburgh is much cheaper. In Phoenix a run-down shack in bad need of major repairs and in a truly sketch neighborhood is easily $300k.