bicycle_mice t1_jc3ko48 wrote

I think I got those and maybe the CoolMax ones too? I run and walk 5-10 miles most days, but my feet generally don't sweat so that might make a difference. I also use the hiking socks for backpacking trips they've held up pretty well. The "fashion" socks with cute designs tend to not last as long, maybe 1-3 years for me.


bicycle_mice t1_jc305c1 wrote

I’ve had the opposite experience! I have developed some holes but only have several years of tough wear. I got a pair of Bombas as a Christmas gift and they started to develop holes after only a couple months. I wear through socks so fast because I walk and run a lot and have bony feet. DT outlasts everything else by several orders of magnitude. It’s all I wear.


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I also used my Sanitas for about 7 years before they started to look realllly ratchet. Bought new ones immediately! I’m sure they’ll last just as long. Amazingly supportive. I’ve tried running shoes occasionally because clogs are not “cool” anymore but my feet hurt in anything else.