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mashed potatoes are like a PB&J sammy, avocado toast, or nutello toast: best made at home. par boil potatoes, optionally peeled. Butter & milk/cream/half and half. Salt + pepper.

Bonus points for roasted garlic and/or wasabi.


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Before the Bridget Foy's fire (relevant only for dating purposes) every window had signs in it promising an "Heirloom" coming soon. I assume Giant bought out all the retail and then changed their minds.

I'm pretty sure there were "coming soon" signs for something else there too. Last I checked theyre plain signs now.


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Soccer: palumbo SC, phiadelphia SC, soccer shots, [insert neighborhood] Soccer Club or Association, eg Fairmount SA, Fishtown SC, Parkwood, etc

Basketball: taney

Baseball: taney

Dance: Philly PACK, PA dance academy

Martial Arts: Zhang Sah

Sewing: butchers

Rock Climbing: cliffs at callowhill

Misc: Phield house, international sports center, *ETA: InMovement

Tennis: Penn, Wilson

Hockey: Rizzo rink

Skateboarding: Rizzo Rink

Sailing: corinthiyan, cooper river yatch club

Art: philly art center